The following videos are films I've acted in and/or produced music for chronologically from the most recent.

Nikki - 2017

In this short film I play "Connor".

There She Was - 2017

I acted in and produced the original music for this short film. This movie was accepted into the 2018 San Louis Obispo International Film Festival.

Understanding Video Game Culture - 2017

In this documentary series on video game culture I was interviewed to give my opinion on multiplayer video games.

Cheating Chili - 2016

The plot of this scene I acted in was instructed to us by the director and then we had the opportunity to improvise the majority of the dialogue.

Laughing Matter - 2016

In this short thriller I played a clown. I also composed and produced the music. The movie won 2nd place in the 2016 St. George Guerrilla Film Festival.

Bad Day - 2015

My acting debut.