I wrote a new song today. It felt good.

As I sat down today to work on music I thought about how sometimes I feel somewhat directionless when it comes to what I'm doing. Should I start working on the bass for "When I'm With You"? Should I try to think of a cello part for "Letter to Send"? Is (input song here) worth putting on the album?

Sometimes I just have to sit and think. Sometimes I'll listen to a favorite song or two to unwind before I start. Perhaps this is typical of musicians to work this way as they sift through mentally the pile of things that they know they need to accomplish and mostly figure out what they even want.

Or maybe it's just me haha.

I did decide soon after getting started though to cut a song that I was originally going to put on the record. I had been working with it last night trying to make it work in such a way that the transitioned flowed and the tune didn't seem to drag on but everything I tried felt forced. I don't like being forced and neither does music in my opinion. So I'll put it on the shelf. I'll record myself playing it once through for the sake of remembering how it was but odds are I'll scrap the riffs I don't like and use what I like in another song perhaps.

It's strange watching a song die.

But helping another come to life today felt good.

I had some riffs previously worked on for this song but I wasn't sure about the lyrics, if I should try to write some more from scratch or if I should look through my books of previously written lyrics and pull some from those. Without really deciding anything I went with the former and began to write the words that came to my mind. And as naturally as the lyrics fell into place, I was able to find the melody to fit.

I felt confident.

I need moments like these to remind me that I do enjoy writing songs. I expect a lot from myself musically and maybe that can be a trap sometimes. Perhaps today was a good day for me to let go, and a good day to make something new. ("A good day to let go"... I like that. Maybe that'll fit well into a future song.)

I think as I become more confident it'll reflect in the music I've written. At least I hope so. Maybe I'll just put the order of the tracks on the album chronologically from when I wrote them, that might be interesting to see the music evolve as I've changed over the years.

Also, a very talented writer and personal friend Ashley Imlay wrote an article about me which is being published in a local newspaper. If you'd like to read it you can here.

Sorry, probably threw off the whole momentum of the post there haha. But anyways,

Here's to hoping 10,000 hours really is the key to success.

Keep it real,

- Art