Quite the eventful day.

I woke up this morning with a calm feeling. Comfortable, content, focused and ready to make some more music.

Yesterday I was able to record the guitar for "Letter to Send" and "Dead End Streets" and today before I started recording I took a listen to both and tried to do a bit of early equalizing on the track. Nothing major, just a little something to know that I'd made a little progress on those before I started my next song. I decided to start with a low end cut just to get out any ambient frequencies below what my lowest note was in the song. It was fun researching the options and effects of something so basic and simple of an e.q. move. I wonder if there will always be this much to learn related to music for me in twenty years. I think I hope so.

I got sent the wrong cymbal in the mail today which was disappointing but I was quickly cheered up by the trailer for "The Last of Us Part II", part 1 being one of my favorite games. I like video games haha.

After eating a large burrito and hanging Christmas lights on the house with my Dad it was time to get ready for the show at Wingnutz. I've been working on relaxing my shoulders when I play. I tend to get really tensed up when I'd be better off with my playing and my singing if I would relax more. It's not a nervous tenseness, I think it's just my body reacting to my will to perform with precision haha.

But the show went great.

Lots of people showed up, which helps me since I get a percentage of the sales for my pay and they were very generous with their tips. My boss seemed to really enjoy the show as well since he kept complimenting me on the music and gave me a tip himself! It's times like tonight when I can tell that I'm improving as a performer and musician and dialing in my sound through the sound system because of the audiences reaction to my music. Even though I couldn't really pinpoint an area that I can say I did better in (honestly there are more things I noticed that I could improve) I my overall presence was more... present... Haha and with that I see how effective I can be at even turning a blog post into an awkward moment.

Regardless, on we go!

I felt "wide-eyed" tonight. Like I was not "untouchable" but getting closer to it. I was in control. I looked at everyone in the audience I was playing for. I didn't have many moments when it was more comfortable to close my eyes while singing or playing (which is a perfectly valid thing to do though sometimes it feels like a way to hide from the audience or yourself or just the situation in general). It was an interesting state to be in. Hopefully I'll have more of it to come.

Here's to growing up.

Keep it real,

- Art