It's been over six months since my album "The Astronaut came out. My time in South Korea was better than I could have hoped for. As the temperature rises and the days get longer I find myself reflecting on what I'm doing as a musician. I think back on the amount of time I've spent practicing, listening, learning and pushing myself for something. And sometimes I'm not sure if I've nailed down exactly what that something is.

It could just be a feeling
But I don't want this to just be a dream
And I could stay here

I wrote these words one, maybe two, years ago along with several others after I had a particularly emotional and memorable dream I had. The final lines of a chorus to a song that I have yet to complete. They come to my memory often. That dream is still fresh in my mind like it happened yesterday and that feeling I had has left more of an impact on me than I ever thought possible.

Perhaps that's why I continue to write words. Perhaps that's why I continue to play my guitar and why I continue to listen.

Maybe I'm only chasing a feeling. But when I feel it, it's as if there's nothing else. It doesn't grow old. It seems to me timeless. And I'm not entirely sure what it is but I feel reflections of it in the waves of the sea, in the quiet of the morning, in the stillness of the stars still moving.

I wrote a new song a few weeks ago called "Sunsets".

Most of the songs I write change though as I perform them live and make more embellishments on the arrangement and notes I play and sing. However the lyrics typically only undergo minor changes in this process. With that in mind I thought it would be wise of me to publish my lyrics to new songs on this blog when I start to perform them so as to protect my ownership and identity as the author. This may be an unconventional way of releasing music, lyrics first followed by the recording or performance, but hopefully this process will make the song even more impactful to whoever hears it if they've seen the words first. I must admit, I'm a bit apprehensive about this. I worry that my family or friends will worry about me as I sometimes but inevitably post lyrics and poems that are unhappy in tone. But artists are supposed to be moody right?

Anyways, here they are.


You don't know how you feel anymore
And I gaze toward the steering wheel by the shore

Home's almost always warm in the rain
Sunsets out here, they don't look quite the same

Life's like a tide breathing out pushing in with the water
I wonder how much I'll turn out to be like my father

Open the window and breath in a taste of the rain
But the sunsets out here, they don't feel quite the same

You'll get along just fine
Forget me as soon as I'm gone
I'm gonna need some time
I hope that it won't take too long

Remember when we fell asleep on the couch last September
And we told each other we'd both like to stay there forever?

Remember our arms intertwined, we wouldn't let go
Lying so close, we could feel both our hearts beating slow

You'll get along just fine
Forget me as soon as I'm gone
I'm gonna need some time
And I hope that it won't take too long
to forget about the time you were mine like it's only a dream
And the sunsets these day's aren't as good as they seem

Remember when we used to kiss in the warm summer rain?
The sunsets back then made me think it could always remain.

- Arthur Cowles IV