I wrote this song shortly after another trip I had made to South Korea. Every time I visit there and see my old friends and make new ones I’m full of life and memories. And those memories are what fill me up. My friends and family, the people I love, who love me back make me happy. Those people and experiences are what I think I’m searching for. People, places and experiences to look back on. Memories. Perfect yesterdays.


Sunsets is a song that came from several different experiences I’ve had and a bit of imagination. Writing this song has taught me things about myself that I hadn’t before realized. And I find that curious.

If you ever get a chance to visit St. George Utah, don’t neglect to watch the sunset. It’s the most beautiful thing. I’ve spent time driving just to chase it. I never regretted it and I never looked back.

The astronaut

"The Astronaut" is my debut solo album. It features all original music that I recorded, produced and mastered independently.

The album is available on all major online retailers (a few of which are linked below) and can be listened to for free here on or on YouTube.

The Clown

This is the soundtrack from the short thriller film "Laughing Matter" which I acted in and composed the music for.